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To Register interest in The Loos Big Walk 2018 please email: contact@loosbigwalk2018.net  or fill in the details below.

There is no pre-registration fee. There will be an official registration fee, to be decided later. When Loos Big Walk 2018 is likely confirmed in March 2018, notification will be given that official registration for the event will be open on a specific date. It will then be your choice as to when you register after that point. But it is highly likely that demand will be high for places. So, If as organisers, we
have to limit the event to a certain number of participants, your registration might not be accepted if you leave it to the last minute to register.
The exact amount of the registration fee will be set on confirmation of the walk going ahead. The fee is per person and in effect secures your place on the walk including, if selected, a tour along a section of the tunnels. (Please note: the fee will only reflect the direct costs ssociated with facilitating the walk. The Durand Group or its members will not profit in any way from the monies raised from event fees.) When registering, each individual will be asked to commit to fund-raising a certain amount for any chosen charity, or charities if more than one.

You can cancel your place on Loos Big Walk 2018. But you will not receive a refund if you cancel after 22nd June 2018 (less than three months before the event). This is the date that event packs will be sent out to support you. To cancel at any time, just email us:


The Durand Group will be abiding, in full, by the terms of the Data Protection Act and your details will not be used in any shape or form other than to provide information for our own database of potential participants.